Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week four results - one month in

Week four has shown better results than I could have hoped for.  I took last Sat, Sun and Mon off - eating whatever I wanted!  I actually put on 4.5lbs - URGH!!!  On Tuesday I had a "steak day" and then followed as best I could.  The results....

Arms -                      12.5"    12"
Chest (under arms)   33"       33"
Chest                        36"      35.5"
Waist                        31.5"   31"
Belly                        35"       34.5"
Hips                         43.5"    43.5"
Thighs                     27.5"     27"
Calves                     13.5"     13.5"
Ankles                     9"           8.5"

Weight                   163lbs        160.4lbs

Inches lost 3".  Weight lost - 2.6lbs - although if you count the 4.5lbs I put on I lost 7.1lbs.  I'm pleased with the results although at the start I was hoping for more.  Due to not really able to exercise on this protocol and my work hours - Miles and I decided that it was probably best to not continue with this protocol.  It has given me the jump start I need and hopefully I will continue to see the loss.  Unfortunately, eating 15 -20 mins after taking the drops helps maximize benefits and when at work this seemed to be exactly when we would get a call.  Also being up at night 'caused problems.  Several people at work have been doing the weightwatchers new program with success and I'm excited to switch over to that while implementing healthy habits I learned in school and from the flat belly solution.

Next weeks weigh in will be interesting :-)

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  1. Wow, good going! Very impressive! You have a great attitude which I'm sure is helping; being prepared to change your plans to better suit your lifestyle is the way to go. Excited to see what next week has in store for you! Stay strong! x