Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 7 - Results are in!

As I mentioned, I skipped week 6.  I weighed myself before going to work with the anticipation of doing the measurements once I got to work.  We were busy and with the increase in weight, I didn't want to do it anyways!  So, week 7....

Arms:                12"           11.5"
Upper chest       32.5"          32"
Bust                   35"             34"
Waist                 30.5"         29.5"
Belly                 34"              33"
Hips                  43.5"          43.5"
Thighs              26.5"          25.5"
Calves              13.5"          12"
Ankles              8.5"            8.5"

Weight            158.4lbs

Total inches lost 6.5".  Total lbs 1.4lbs (this would be if I went from the 159.8 but since I put on weight last week and was at 161.4 - loss = 3lbs).

I'm really pleased with these results, since I am getting them while eating pretty much whatever I want including chocolate and ice-cream pretty much every day.  I plan on adding some recipes that I use on here soon, including the chocolate cake/brownie recipe I used for Skyler's birthday cake.

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  1. wowzers! What a fantastic result! You must be very pleased. :) Well done xxx