Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 8 Results

The weigh in and the measurements were taken on the right day - Sunday - but I haven't had much opportunity to put them up.  There wasn't a lot of change in inches this week but still going in the right direction with the weight so that's good.  I was able to start exercising on a regular basis last week and doing even better with that so far this week - although I have work tomorrow, class on Friday and Miles needs me home on Saturday - so that's not as great.  But its a good start.  Anyways, week 8 results.  Technically today is 2 months - so the 2 month pictures will be taken this weekend.

Arms:                11.5"           11.5"
Upper chest       32"            32"
Bust                   34"            34"
Waist                 29.5"         29"
Belly                  33"            33"
Hips                  43.5"         42.5"
Thighs              25.5"          25.5"
Calves               12"             12"
Ankles              8.5"            8.5"

Weight            158.4lbs    156.6lbs

Total inches lost - 1.5".  Total weight loss 1.8lbs

A slow week but the right direction :).


  1. Fantastic - you are inspirational! x

  2. Well done! Might have to try out that recipe you added too :o)