Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Binging with permission

It's every dieters dream to have the "permission" of the diet to eat what they want, when they want and as much as they want.  The first two days of the 180 diet, you have "permission" in fact orders to binge.  You must eat high calorie, high fat food - ice cream, pizza, chocolate - anything you can think of that is high in fat and calories.  Day 1 - weigh in, take pictures and measurements - YUCH.  Eat - whatever I want!  This seemed easier than it ended up being.  The drops have to be taken 15 mins before you eat and 20 mins either side of coffee.  I needed coffee to get up in the am - so I waited until I got to work to take the drops.  Unfortunately, our tones drop and we had to run a call.  When we got back it was now around 930.  I took the drops and was waiting my 15 mins when we got another call.  Before we went back to the station, we stopped for breakfast, however, it was now 1130 - more lunchtime than breakfast.  Binging wasn't starting out well.  I decided to eat a couple of hot dogs and fries with a soda.  Wasn't able to finish the fries - however hard I tried.  Around 230pm, I took the drops again to have lunch - pizza and salad - this actually worked well.  I had some chocolate snacks to eat in between time and some potato chips.  Dinner drops were taken around 730pm - since I had a late breakfast, lunch and now dinner.  Unfortunately, our tones dropped and we were headed out again at 740pm.  We were able to stop by subway for a 6" sub, cookies and soda.  I was going to get an icecream too but didn't have the appetite.  Day 2 was supposed to weigh in but since I was at work - this didn't happen.  I did manage to have my drops and breakfast - 2 corndogs, chocolate milk and a couple of cookies - at a reasonable time.  Late morning we had a call that unfortunately took us 4 hours to complete - this took us to 2pm.  I was able to take the drops and eat 15 mins after at about 2.30pm.  Chicken pasta alfredo, garlic bread and pizza huts chocolate dippers - yummy!  Thoroughly enjoyed the lunch.  Chocolate snacks throughout the afternoon with a veggie sub with extra cheese for dinner.  Didn't have the icecream then either - like planned.  I guess I can go without it.  Weighing in on day 3 wasn't encouraging - in the two days I had put on 3lbs - YUCK!!!  However, now it was time to get down to serious business with the rest of the protocol.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed report - I am so curious to see how you get on! You are like a slimming magazine fix! I want to hear more!