Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week Two - results

Well, today's weigh in and measurements aren't as exciting and rewarding as last weeks.  It has actually been a very tough week, with very little weight loss and on some days actual weight gain!!!!  Going back to work has certainly given some challenges.  I am still trying to figure out how to overcome these and will hopefully make more progress this week.  As a big fan of the show the Biggest Loser, I have kept reminding myself that the first week is always the easiest and the second always the hardest - as your body fights the weight loss.  Anyways, the results for week two....

Upper L Arm        -   13"     -  12.5"    - 0.5"
Upper R Arm        -  12.5"  -   12.5"    -  0"
Chest under arms   - 34.5"  -     33"     -  1.5"
Chest biggest part  - 37.5"  -    37.5"    - 0"
Waist (bellybutton) - 33"    -    31.5"   -  1.5"
Waist (biggest)       - 38"    -    36"      -  2"
Hips                       - 45"    -    44"      -  1"
L Thigh                  - 28.5"   -   28"    -  0.5"
R Thigh                  - 28.25" -  28"    -  0.25"
L Calf                    - 15.25"   -  14"   -  1.25"
R Calf                   -  14.5"    -   14"  -   0.5"
L ankle                  -  9"        -     9"   -   0"
R ankle                 -  9"        -      9"  -   0"

Weight - 167.6lbs   - 164lbs    - 3.6lbs

Total weight loss 3.6lbs, total number of inches - 9".  In two weeks I have lost 12lbs and 24".  I really can't complain but I was hoping to be back into the 150s by this weigh in and am not so happy with only 3.6lbs.  However, in a normal week that is still good results.  I am very pleased with the inches lost and that encouragement is going to keep me going through this week.  I'm not going to set my sights so high this week and again I'm only going to hope to be in the high 150s by next weigh in.  I'd like to have been smaller for Lake Patrol next weekend but I still get to go out and get new shorts for it!  Better check my bathing suit too!

FYI - Laurens Co. EMS - where I work - covers part of Lake Greenwood.  Every fourth of July weekend we have Lake Patrol.  Lake Patrol involves two boats - located a different parts of the lake that have a medic and emt and a driver.  We first respond to emergencies on the lake and to the houses that are accessible by the lake.  The uniform for this event is swimwear, shorts and t shirt.  In our "down time" we are able to enjoy being on the lake, swim etc - such a hard shift!!!  However, it means being in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt in front of people I work with!!!!!

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  1. 12lbs and 24" in 2 weeks is great, I think! Congratulations!!! :o) I think it's good not to set goals that are too high when it comes to this kind of thing because then it's more discouraging when you don't reach them. I'd suggest a reasonable target (such as 3 lbs maybe) and then anything over that will be an encouragement rather than the other way around. And with this kind of thing, you want all the encouragement you can get! :o) Anyway, great job and enjoy lake patrol - by then I'll imagine you'd have lost at least a stone, which is a pretty good achievement xx