Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sickness - yuck

There comes a time when no matter how careful you are - you get sick. Unfortunately if this happens when you are working on losing weight then it can have opposite consequences. Last Sunday I fell prey to a nasty stomach virus that has been going around the area and despite my job, I actually owe it to my husband. He manages to get more sickness than I do. Thankfully so far Sky has been spared. This virus caused me to become dehydrated and lose my appetite. This week has been a yoyo week for me weight wise and again I don't think I will be seeing the 150s on that scale Saturday. I have become discouraged but I'm not giving up on my journey. I have finished one round of drops without the results I was hoping for but I am giving the second round a go before moving on. I have talked with a specialist and it may be that I need to do some adjusting with my calories because of my job or just might not work because of the crazy hours and interrupted meals. We will see. I now have a deadline - a family wedding at the end of September!!!!


  1. I suppose it's a case of getting the balance right; hormones, calories, exercise. Such a headache. Hope your sickness is better soon! xx Oo, a deadline is always good, I can't diet without one!

  2. That's right - don't give up. Hope you can figure out how to get this to work with your job hours. Who's getting married? Anyone I know? It's obviously not me!!! lol.