Monday, June 20, 2011


Well after good results for first part of the week - I've come across a problem.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the scales to work so I was unable to weigh in Sat and Sun am.  This am when I weighed in, I had only lost 1.6lbs.  I'm pleased that it was a loss and not a gain but not pleased that when I was averaging 2lbs a day to only lose 1.6lbs in 3 days.  I think I may have to figure out a few more calories to my diet on the days that I work.  Challenging times ahead.  Still hoping to get into the 150s by Friday.  Work also played a challenge as far as my water intake - hopefully this played a role too because it's easier to fix.

This week is a busy work week so it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the week goes.  Today, it's time to focus on keeping up with my water and eating well.

On the plus side, we went to a mexican restaurant yesterday at work and I wasn't even tempted with one tortilla chip and dip!!!  I'm excited about that!  Btw - I just sat and drank my water while my partner and trainee ate!  :)


  1. Work schedule always makes things difficult. I'd imagine it's harder to drink sufficient water primarily because of the reason of having to be near a bathroom shortly afterwards! Not so easy if you're out on long calls!

    Well done for being disciplined while your partner and trainee ate and how exciting not to be tempted to eat the tortilla chip & dip :o)

    Keep up the good work :o)

  2. Sounds like you're in a good mind place. xx 150's look out!

  3. WOW! Just read through your entire blog! You're a naughty girl for not telling me about this in the beginning! ;) xx

    You're doing amazingly well! Keep up the good work.

    I can totally relate to going off foods that I used to love! That's happened to me over and over again as I've, over the years, improved my diet! I can't stand most junk foods anymore. :D One of my recent changes was to stop eating cereal. There aren't really any healthy ones out there. I now eat porridge, sweetening with a teaspoon of honey. I used to hate porridge and literally forced myself to eat, but not I LOVE it! When I started eating it I needed at least 2 tsps of honey to get through it, but now 1 tsp is plenty!! After I'd gotten used to the porridge I had a bowl of my usual cereal as an experiment and I couldn't finish it!! was way to sweet! Next project... to start eating some soft boiled eggs!
    (btw raw, organic honey has HUGE health benefits.. you may want to look into it)

    On another note.. as you may know, I really struggle with fatigue and it's defo more than just running around after the kids kind of fatigue. It's a my limbs are too heavy to move them, not enough strength to do simple stuff kind of fatigue. I've been talking to a nutritionalist and she's recommended that I a) cut out ALL wheats for 2 weeks and see if that helps at all.. if so keep off for 3 months and then slowly reintroduce. (apparently wheat is often related to fatigue) There are obviously some wheats that are much better for you than others.. spelt is a great one as you body doesn't interpret that one as sugar like it does the regular whole wheat and it is also easier to digest. AND.. i think it is more yummy! :O) and b) introducing the following salad for my lunch: cabbage, carrots, beets, avacado (a great one for us women) with a light protein like fetta, chicken or tuna. I decided to toss this in extra virgin olive oil (full of antioxidents) and I also added sun dried tomatoes. I thought it sounded nice, but wasn't sure if that would actually be the reality for me at the mo - but it's yummy! Yesterday I had it with some roasted chicken and today with some baked salmon (both left overs from the dinner the previous night)

    Love you lots and looking forward to reading how you get on. Glad you're blogging. xx